The fear of dengue is increasing rapidly in Rajasthan, 50 deaths so far.

Jaipur: Dengue seems to be going berserk in Rajasthan. The campaign launched by the State Government on seasonal diseases including dengue has also not proved successful. Despite cm Ashok Gehlot's direction, neither pesticides are being sprayed nor door-to-door surveys are being carried out in a systematic manner. More than 13,000 dengue victims have been reported in the state so far. Dengue has also reported 50 lives so far. However, the government is reporting only 30 deaths.

Most of the major hospitals in the state, including Sawai Mansingh Hospital in Jaipur, are witnessing a rapid increase in the rush of dengue victims every day. Beds are not available empty in government hospitals. At Jekelan Hospital in Jaipur, 2 to 3 children are still undergoing treatment in one bed each. Doctors say that the new dengue variants, Denvi-2 and Denvi-3, have aggravated the crisis. Doctors say the risk of death is higher due to new variants. The new variant is likely to cause serious kidney, liver, brain disease. There is also a complaint of hypertension. On the other hand, the sampling work in the state has already come down despite fears of a third wave of covid infection. The number of dengue and covid victims has suddenly increased on Sunday after Deepawali.  As a result, it is believed to be gathering together and ignoring the guidelines set out to celebrate the festival.

Medical and Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma has said that control rooms have been set up in every district to deal with dengue. The availability of medicines in the hospital has been increased. Sampling work has also been taken up. A task force has been formed in view of the outbreak of dengue.

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