The festival of lights, Diwali, has brought in more joy for the ad film industry this year with more influx of work.

It is that time of the year again when people consider the last three months in India as weekends, for it comes with several festivals that hold great importance in the lives of Indians. Many people and industries saw no hope coming due to the pandemic through almost the last two years. However, since industries are gradually opening up, positive things are on their way already. The festival of Diwali is the festival of lights; it is something that brings families and friends together; people make sure to enjoy the same donning the best Indian outfits, jewellery and make sure to decorate their homes with lightings, and offer some delectable food and sweets. Amidst this, companies and brands leave no stone unturned to come up with amazing offers for luring people into buying products and services and thus optimize the ad world to create some of the most heart-warming and engaging advertisements. 

Director Abhijet Raajput notices that the closer the country is getting to the Diwali festival this year, more brands have been coming forward to shoot their ad films. He explains that the ad film industry currently is running too aggressive because of the Diwali season, as brands from different niches like jewellery, clothing, electronic, home decor, automobile, dry fruits, sweets, etc., all are making sure to shoot their ad films.

Talking about the impact of the pandemic on the industry, Director Abhijet Raajput says that the industry was crashed, which affected sales. No shoots led to unemployment in the industry. People made no product purchases as the entire country went through a financial crisis. However, on the positive side now, things are getting better, markets are opening up, more people are getting vaccinated, getting out for work and buying things.

He points out that now brands are pumping big money in advertisements, be it digital ads, television commercials, print ads or hoardings. In addition, the pandemic triggered the growth of social media, which also became a great platform for advertisements, where global brands have been running their digital ad films across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Even celebrities are seen endorsing and promoting big brands and products on their respective social media handles.

Throughout his career, Abhijet Raajput highlights that he has never experienced such a sudden pick in the ad film industry, which is quite enthralling and crazy. "It is a great thing as the pandemic had made people sit at home with no work and no earnings, but currently the scenario has changed for the better, where artists and technicians are packed with work and able to cover their losses incurred during lockdowns," said Abhijet Raajput on a parting shot. 

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