The fundamentalists were enraged by the wearing of Arabic print kurta by a Pakistani woman, suddenly the crowd surrounded her and...
The fundamentalists were enraged by the wearing of Arabic print kurta by a Pakistani woman, suddenly the crowd surrounded her and...

A woman was openly harassed in Lahore, Pakistan. Her mistake was that she had come to a restaurant wearing an outfit and something was written in Arabic on her outfit. After seeing this outfit, the members of Tehreek-e-Labbaik got enraged. They felt that what was written in Urdu were verses from the Quran and that the woman had committed blasphemy by wearing this outfit.

The incident took place in Ichhra Bazaar of Lahore. The woman was sitting in a restaurant when a group of people came and surrounded her and started abusing her. In the video, you can hear that a voice is coming from behind - 'You have made fun of Islam' and the woman in front is sitting completely stunned after seeing all this. There are some other people also who are trying to save the woman from the anger of the crowd but the crowd is refusing to calm down. The woman is seen sitting with her face hidden. As the issue escalated, police were called to save the woman. Understanding the situation, Gulberg's ASP Saeeda Saharbano Naqvi took immediate action with her wisdom and first removed the woman from the angry crowd. She told the crowd that she had handled such incidents thrice, so people would have to trust her. Then saying this, she opens the shutter of the restaurant and goes inside, taking the woman out from the crowd and taking her with her. But the crowd does not calm down and keeps running after them.


Let us tell you that after this incident in Pakistan, when investigation was done, it was found that there were no verses of Quran written anywhere on the kurta. They were just a few words in Arabic writing. Somewhere it was written beautifully, somewhere it was written cute, etc. ASP Saeeda said that there was no Islamic verse anywhere on the woman's dress. The crowd probably had some misunderstanding. He said that the woman and her husband had gone shopping when the crowd misinterpreted the words written on her dress. It is noteworthy that the first dress worn by the woman was from Saudi Arabian label Shalik Riyadh, which was launched in 2022 during Ramadan. Shalik Riyad posted a photo of the dress on Instagram with the caption, “The best Ramadan 2022 collection is here.”


At the same time, the victim woman told that she wore the outfit without knowing the content of the outfit. She said she thought the dress only had designer patterns, and she didn't know it had Arabic text. She apologized for wearing such an outfit. The woman said- “Being a Sunni Muslim, I cannot even think of doing this. I had no such intention. All this happened only by mistake. Still, I am apologizing that this will not happen again.”

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