The girl died in the process of making a video with a gun.

Lucknow: In Kasganj, the country's largest state, UP's 9th class student died after being shot at his friend's house. After the CCTV, post-mortem report received by the police in the case and interrogation of three other friends of the deceased student, the lone eyewitness of the incident, the police is considering it to be an incident due to carelessness of keeping the licensed gun in the house and hobby of the video.

In fact, on December 2, a student of class 9, resident of Durga Colony, Kasganj, had gone to the house of a friend Pari along with three other friends in the Mohalla Court of the city Kotwali after taking the examination in the school. The footage of the four friends has come to the fore in the CCTV installed in the street. During the day at 1:06 minutes all the four friends go inside the house and after about 2 minutes, at 1:07 minutes 55 seconds three girls are seen running outside the house. In fact, within just 2 minutes, a student of class IX on the first floor of the house is shot and dies. As soon as the complaint was received, the police sent the body for postmortem and sent the licensed 315 bore rifle kept inside the house for forensic examination. Questions began to arise that what happened inside the house within 2 minutes. 9th class student goes to her friend's house. He is shot and dies.

Actually, this whole incident has come to the fore of making videos like Tiktok. SP Kasganj Rohan Botre said that the friend Pari, to whom the student had gone, has a licensed rifle of 315 bore in her father's name. The four friends go to that room of the house. This licensed gun was kept here. As the rifle is raised to make the video, the preloaded rifle went off before the video was shot and the bullet entered the girl's jaw and went through the head. On hearing the gunshot, Pari's father took out the cartridge from the gun and threw it and fled from the spot. Although the brother of the deceased girl has expressed the apprehension of murder after the rape, but the police say that an attempt to rape within two minutes in the presence of three other students is impossible. The postmortem report and lone eyewitnesses of the incident are also denying the allegation. This whole incident has come to the fore of carelessly possessing a licensed gun and making social media videos with the gun.

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