Father-Son slapped each other during wedding, bride refused to marry and then...

Lucknow: Big news is coming out from Uttar Pradesh, here in the midst of wedding rituals, repeatedly going to the bride's room costs heavily for the groom. The angry father slapped his son for repeatedly entering the bride's room and while retaliating, the son also raised his hand on the father. Enraged by this incident, the girl refused to marry and the procession had to return empty-handed.    

The marriage of the daughter of a village in the Shivrampur police station area of ​​Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh was fixed with a person from Barra, Kanpur. His procession had reached the door of the girl laughingly. Everything was going well. But seeing the beauty of the girl because of Jaimala, the bridegroom decided not to leave her even for a moment. Actually, the groom knew that in his family the girl is sent back to her maternal home only after 4-5 days of marriage, and then only after a long time, the bride comes back to her in-laws' house. The boy was getting very upset about this and during the wedding rituals from the mandap, he was trying to appease the bride by going to the room again and again. 

Due to this, the groom's father became very upset and slapped his son. After getting slapped, the boy also got angry and without thinking anything, he also slapped his father in front of everyone. This echo of slaps had a very adverse effect on the mind of the bride and she refused to marry in such a family. The bride said that the groom came to her several times and said If he wants to complete her studies, then she had to complete it from Kanpur means from his in-law's house only, not from Chitrakoot. The girl was already worried about this matter and after that, her heart broke due to the slapping and she refused to marry. After this decision of the bride, the marriage rituals were stopped. Outpost in-charge Rajol Nagar, who arrived with the force on the information of uproar in the marriage, tried to convince both parties. But both sides were not ready to accept anything. After the settlement of the transaction between the two, the groom's side returned empty-handed

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