The health department raided the drug de-addiction and rehabilitation center, even the officers were blown away after seeing the objectionable material.

Dehradun: A joint team of health department and administration raided Jeevandan De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center in Uttarakhand. The team has received objectionable things like contraceptive and sex enhancing drugs, injection of drugs etc. from the center. After sealing the center, the team has shifted three patients living in it to the government hospital.

On Thursday, ACMO Dr. Tapan Kumar Sharma, Tehsildar Jagmohan Tripathi along with officers of Police, Health and Drugs Department raided the Jeevandan De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center on Nuklia Marg in Chintimjra area. The team examined the records of the center and inquired about the medicines given to the patients etc. The woman present there told the team that the three partners of the center are Harjendra Singh, Wahid Ali, Sajim Ansari. The three partners were not found on the spot. Three patients were admitted in the center but they had no history. The investigation team received many banned drugs including contraceptive drugs, intoxicating pills, painkiller injections on the spot.

Along with this, the team did not even get the registration of the center and there was no doctor posted for the treatment and care of the patients living there. Intoxicants, bidis, cigarettes were lying in the patient's room. Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Senior Inspector of Drugs Department, recovered the objectionable material and sealed the center. At the same time, the team of Health Department got the three patients found at the center admitted to the CHC with the help of 108 ambulances. Medical Superintendent Dr. Rajesh Arya said that due to non-availability of center operators and doctors, the inquiry could not be conducted. After the investigation, action will be taken against the center operators.

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