Breast was first enlarged through surgery, after a few days it burst and then...

Now the hierarchy of beauty has already changed a lot, people are not liking the body shape and food given by nature, which is why some people have made it their habit to change it accordingly and tamper with it a lot. Or you can also say that there are some people who do not like their body shape. In order to become different and unique, they want to show themselves something different from human beings. That's why after a lot of surgeries, the condition of the model, became such that she had to be admitted to the hospital.

Model Mary Magdalene, who is fond of surgery, tortured herself so much that she finally had to go to the hospital. In the series of replacing every part of the body with plastic surgery, after getting a breast implant its weight increased by 10 kg. But the chest eventually burst after a few days.


Mary Magdalene is a person who is also known as a model with surgery. Because she has done so many surgeries on every part of the body so far that nothing is natural. The first surgery was for a cat-like eye, a Barbie-like nose, then a balloon shape by inflating the lips. When the waist was widened and the chest was made 10 kg after the implant, one of the implants exploded due to excessive weight. Due to this, she looks like an alien. So far, more than Rs 81 lakh has been spent on her plastic surgery. But now the situation has become such that her waist and ankles are not able to bear the weight of their own modified body. Therefore, she is forced to live an elderly life at the age of 30. Now it has become difficult for her to move her own body.

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