The hot love song
The hot love song "Runjhun" is out featuring Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh

The relationship between Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh, who are best friends, is also depicted on the screen. Together, the two have created a few music videos that have all achieved chart-topping success. Fans of Hina and Shaheer are constantly asking to watch their relationship develop on screen. Now that their song, Runjhun, has been released, it is another romantic monsoon song. It's interesting that they performed back-to-back monsoon songs, but each one had a different aspect.

After much anticipation, Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh's song Runjhun is finally available, and fans can't stop gushing over their scorching chemistry. This mature love story features a man who is overcome by his ladylove's beauty and finds it impossible to take his eyes off of her. While Shaheer is deadly in a white shirt, Hina looks stunning in a black saree. The song "Runjhun," which was written, composed, and performed by Vishal Mishra, Hansika Preek, and Rashmi Virag, has a lovely melody.

On Twitter, the phrase "Runjhun out now" is trending, and their fans have voiced their opinions. "Agree or not but Shaheer's flying hair has a separate fan base," wrote a fan alongside a photo of Shaheer's hair being ruffled by the wind. OUT NOW: RUNJHUN

Another comment read, "My most fav part from the music video. They look heavenly gorgeous. The view is also like heaven though..."

"Wow, I'm really impressed, man. What chemistry. Bravo to them. RUNJHUN is currently available. @eyehinakhan #Runjhun #ShaHina #ShaheerSheikh #Birdies "read a different remark. The best friends in the television business, Hina and Shaheer, are known for their hilarious online banter. The audience adored their recent recreation of a scene from Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Their ups and downs have also involved Hina and Shaheer.

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