World Telecommunication and Information Day: Know the power of telecom

May 17 2018 11:30 AM
World Telecommunication and Information Day: Know the power of telecom

What is telecommunication? Sending signals, writings, audios or anything that is received on the other end, which is also electromagnetic signals. In simple words, we can say that exchange of information between participants with the use of technology. Telcom has brought the people all over the world on a single platform as one. 

Earlier the idea of education and schooling was limited to school and institution, the thing changed with the introduction of the internet, the presence of information on your fingertips has brought the world to you. Count anything, let it be the field of healthcare where we use latest devices and machines for curing any disease or take up business, where we keep track of the latest market ideas aligned. Telecommunication has helped the world change not only economically but on a societal level also. The invention of the telephone before the internet was a remarkable one too.

We mark 17 may as the world telecommunication day as a remembrance of the first Internation Telegraph Convention, this has been announced from November 2006 by the United Nations.

Telecommunication is a boon to the society and hence, it is in our hands how to use this gift. The more we appreciate and learn, the more we grow. Let us come together to celebrate this day that changed our lives. 

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