The Kashmir Files: Was it really the bloody rice that was fed to BK Ganju's wife? Brother replied

The film The Kashmir Files is in the headlines these days and the story shown in this film has shocked everyone. Let us tell you that every audience was shocked to see the brutality of the terrorists in the film. The story of the film shook everyone. This was the story of Girja Tikku and Bal Kishan Ganju (BK Ganjoo). Let us tell you that the murder shown in the rice drum in the film is taken from the real incident that happened with BK Ganju. Yes and it is shown that the terrorists after roasting them with bullets ask their wife to eat wheat soaked with their blood.

Now during a recent interview, BK Ganju's brother Shiban has told what actually happened? BK Ganju's brother Shiban Ganju talks about that traumatic incident. During this, he told that, 'His brother's age was around 35 years old at that time. He was getting ready for office. Then 4 terrorists entered the house and asked about Bal Krishna. BK was on the third floor at that time. His wife feared that he had gone to the office. When Bal Krishna was not found after searching, the terrorists left, but as soon as they came out, the neighbors told that they were on the fourth floor. The brothers were hiding in a rice drum. The terrorists fired 8 bullets at him. They came down after beating him and told BK Ganju's wife that your husband is dead, go and see.

The wife said, kill us too, with whom have you left us? On this the terrorists said, there should be someone to cry too. With this, Shiban was asked whether the terrorists fed him rice stained with blood. On this he said that 'this is not in his knowledge. Sister-in-law also never told this. So can't say whether it happened or not. With this, Shiban told that when the brother was murdered, his daughter was 2 years old. Apart from this, he told that Bitta Karate was his neighbor and later it was learned that many neighbors had become terrorists.

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