The Life Story of Entrepreneur Also Actor - Kareem Thomas

Life is short, and most of us have one dream we would want to achieve in life. There are a few people who aspire to accomplish multiple things in life simultaneously. One such person who worked hard to gain success in two different fields is Kareem Thomas. He is a young, ambitious actor as well as a successful entrepreneur. 

Kareem Thomas is a 29-year-old entrepreneur plus actor from Queens, New York. Thomas owns and runs a corporate housing company known as Luxor Properties, which focuses on providing luxurious short-term stays for business professionals and families at an affordable price. Considering the other side, Thomas is an actor and has had an opportunity to be one of the male models in Meg The Stallion's "Captain Hook" music video. Along with this, he also expresses his love for basketball and has played at a professional level. 

Modeling has always fascinated Thomas, and he enjoyed modeling independently. He was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to be a part of a reality tv show, and he enjoyed the experience. After this, Thomas decided that it was necessary to expand his knowledge in entertainment by being a part of more reality shows and commercials. He is very open to learning new things and has a flexible mindset that makes him stand out among his competitors. He tells us that it is necessary to be mentally strong while working on different genres, especially drama and critics. 

Thomas was a huge fan of the entrepreneur Gary Vee and would enjoy watching his content and reading self-development books. This inspired him to start his own business, and he started a few companies that did not do well. Despite the failure, Thomas did not give up, and after a few years, got a chance to be associated with the real estate company uniquely. He then took mentorship and learned about the industry he is working in. He believes that failure is part of the process, but what comes after that is essential.

Despite all the fame, Thomas is humble and thankful to God for blessing him with good health. He also expresses his gratitude towards his mother for teaching him the importance of hard work. In addition, he is also thankful to his basketball coaches and business partners for supporting him throughout the process. Thomas believes that people should never stop learning and keep working on themselves to become better people. He truly inspires us to work towards our dreams without losing hope!

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