The lives of horses and mules were in danger while carrying the burden of humans, 60 died in 16 days

Dehradun: No respect is being given to the horses and mules who play an important role in the Kedarnath Yatra. There is no proper arrangement for their living, nor are they being cremated properly after their death. After the death of horses and mules on the Kedarnath footpath, the owners and hawkers are throwing them there, which are polluting the river by falling directly into the Mandakini river. In such a situation, the spread of epidemic in Kedarnath area also cannot be denied. At the same time, so far 1 lakh 25 thousand pilgrims have traveled by horse and mules, while other pilgrims have reached the Dham by helicopter and on foot.

The devotees of Baba Kedar have to cover a distance of 18 to 20 kilometers to reach Kedarnath, which is situated at an altitude of 11750 feet above sea level. Horses and mules play an important role in transporting the traveler to this distance. But even enough gram, straw and hot water are not available for these animals. Despite all the claims, there is no hot water for horse and mule at any place on the footpath.

On the other hand, operators and hawkers are making 2 to 3 trips from Gaurikund to Kedarnath in a day by horse and mules to earn money and they are not able to get rest even for a moment on the way, due to which they are exhausted from fatigue- They are being crushed to a painful death. The figures are enough to tell how much care is being taken of this animal, which is called the backbone of Kedarnath. In just 16 days, 55 horses and mules have died due to severe abdominal pain, while 4 horses and mules have died due to falling and one stone. Even after this, the horses and mules are not being taken care of. Amardei Shah, president of the district panchayat Rudraprayag, who manages the horse and mules, has instructed to cremate the dead animal properly and bury it by adding salt to the ground.

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