The lover showed the groom a 'such' picture of the bride, the marriage broke up at no time

Lucknow: In Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, the lover showed the groom obscene pictures of the bride on the day of the wedding itself, then the groom refused to take the procession, refusing to marry and the marriage was stopped. The groom did not agree to the marriage even after the panchayat was held in the police station for the whole day. Police said that the lover has been taken into custody. Police Station Mahuwadih Pramod Singh has told that, 'The procession was about to reach a village on May 25, the program of Tilakotsav was completed on May 23. Everything was going well.

Meanwhile, the lover of the girl's village kept threatening and repeatedly refusing to marry the groom, but the groom was ready for marriage. The wedding was about to take place on May 25, but on the same morning the lover made a video call to the groom and showed the bride's obscene picture in another mobile, on which the groom got angry and refused to take the procession. At the same time, preparations were being made for the wedding ceremony at the girl's house. When the girl's family came to know about this, they immediately reached the groom's house to persuade her.

But the groom did not agree. When this matter reached the police station, there was a panchayat, but no result came out and the marriage was stopped for the time being or rather it broke down. The groom has asked to tell the decision about his marriage after 15 days. The halting of the marriage has made headlines in the entire region. In this case, CO City Shreyas Tripathi has informed that no written complaint has been received yet, at present the lover has been taken into police custody. Further legal action will be taken on receipt of the complaint.

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