The main side effects heart disease medicines
The main side effects heart disease medicines

Medicine helps us in avoiding the health problems and helps us in recovering from any diesease. Now a days . Heart attacks and strokes are becoming an extensively common disease these days. Not only is it important to control the key causes of the problems but also to pay attention to the effects medication has on the body. It may be so that medication for heart problems may be causing other health risks to your body. Medications can have some serious side effects to the body and health, and may actually be making us sicker rather than improving our health. Lets know the some side effects of the medications


ACE inhibitors make you cough. It causes irritation and problem in the respiratory tract. Again, make sure you inform your doctor about the side effect if you see that it lasts longer than it should.


Heart medicines may make your heart blood vessels narrow which can lead to dizziness and nausea and even fainting. Consult doctor if you experience it often.

More Urination

Diuretics cause you to pee more. If you have to take one dose of the diuretic, try to take it in the morning and if it is two, take the second one around late afternoon so you do not have to get up from your sleep to pee.


Diuretics can also cause you to feel dehydrated which is not good for your body and your heart. 

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