The man who became a thief in the girl's affair! If one does not fill the mind, then made 3 girlfriends, then what happened...

Samastipur: A man in Bihar's Samastipur found it expensive to pursue his girlfriend's hobbies. The man had made not one but three girlfriends. When the man was going to steal the bike to fulfill the demand of the mobile for the second girlfriend, the police caught him.  

The thief, who was caught by the police of Rosra police station area, said that he used to steal a motorcycle to fulfill the hobbies of his 3-3 girlfriends. When the police caught him, he was going to steal the bike to buy a mobile phone for another girlfriend. The vicious thief has been arrested with the bike. The incident of bike theft in the area for the past several days had upset the police along with the general public. Subsequently, the police alerted the informer to nab the thief. The man who was roaming around in the process of carrying out the act on the basis of secret tahrir was arrested.  

The thief told the police that he became a thief while fulfilling the demands of his girlfriends. He said he has three girlfriends. Everyone is fond of expensive gifts. For the past few days, the other girlfriend was demanding a mobile phone from him and was going to steal the motorcycle to complete it. Then the police caught him. He used to sell stolen motorcycles worth lakhs of rupees for 2-3 thousand. The thief has been identified as Satyanarayana. According to Satyanarayana, when he could  not meet the demand of his three girlfriends, he formed a gang. In the gang he included a person like him. After this, the gang was continuously carrying out the theft of motorcycles in that area. The thief has also reported two of his associates.  

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