The Manipur Issue: A Call for Unity and Accountability
The Manipur Issue: A Call for Unity and Accountability

Currently, the Congress-led opposition and the ruling BJP are at odds regarding the need for a debate in Parliament on this pressing matter. Although severe incidents, such as repeated sexual assaults on tribal women in Manipur, should have united both factions, they seem unable to even initiate a discussion. The opposition insists that any conversation on Manipur must commence with a statement from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, the Prime Minister appears hesitant to provide any assurance in this regard. Home Minister Amit Shah, on behalf of the government, expresses readiness to engage in the discussion and seeks the cooperation of the opposition.

Nevertheless, the opposition perceives this as a mere attempt to shield the Prime Minister from scrutiny. Consequently, they have tabled a no-confidence motion against the government to compel Modi to address the issue. Given the Prime Minister's past responses, this move may be deemed somewhat overconfident. The debate on the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha is likely to be accompanied by a smokescreen of arguments, and the opposition will persist in raising its voice. Meanwhile, in the Rajya Sabha, the opposition continues to demand a discussion and a statement from the Prime Minister.

Certainly, a comprehensive statement from the Prime Minister is essential, but the opposition should also realize that it will be futile without a proper discussion. They should seize every opportunity to engage in dialogue within the Parliament and also take their protest to the public arena. The BJP attempts to equate terrorism in Manipur with crimes in Congress-ruled states as a justification for their stance, but this argument is hard to sustain. For both moral and strategic reasons, the turmoil in Manipur poses a significant threat to the nation's security, integrity, and social cohesion. National unity is paramount in countering this menace. It is disheartening to witness partisan politics persist amidst the suffering of people in a troubled border state, where communal violence and lawlessness prevail.

In a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge highlights that the government cannot expect cooperation when the Prime Minister compares the opposition to terrorist organizations. While it may be politically expedient to label critics as traitors or unpatriotic, such predictable responses hinder national unity. 
Now is the time for Prime Minister Modi to reach out, provide reassurance to the terrified victims, hold the perpetrators accountable, set an example, and work towards restoring peace. Parliament serves as the ideal platform to address all these concerns before the nation and the global community.

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