Rajnath Singh on 1975 Emergency said 'Even today that era is fresh in our memories...'

New Delhi: On this day, on 25 June 1975, emergency was declared in the history of India all over India, which is called the dark chapter of the country's politics. This was the most controversial and undemocratic period in the history of independent India, as elections were postponed and people's rights were banned. Recalling this day, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that emergency is known as a "dark chapter" in the history of Indian democracy.

The Defence Minister tweeted, "The manner in which the Constitution was misused to curb the democratic practices of the country can never be forgotten. Even today, that time is fresh in the memories of all of us. This also led to agitations in the country to protect democracy and how many tortures people did not know. We still remember and draw inspiration from their sacrifices, courage and struggle. I salute and congratulate all those who have played a role in protecting democracy.?

On June 25, 1975, the then President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed ordered a state of emergency all over India on the recommendation of the then PM Indira Gandhi, who created many historical events. There were arguments from Indira Gandhi about the emergency that emergency was necessary, but the story behind the scenes was something else. This was the most controversial time in the history of Indian politics, as it led to the imprisonment of everyone who raised their voice against the government by abolishing civil rights.

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