The marriage of Shriram-Jaanki was held on 'Vivah Panchami'

Margashirsha Shukla Panchami was married to Lord Rama by mother Sita. Therefore, this date is celebrated in the form of Shriram Vivahotsav. This is also called marriage Panchami. On this day, getting married to Lord Rama and mother Sita is considered very auspicious. This time the marriage will be celebrated on November 23.

According to mythological religious texts, on this date, Lord Rama married Janak Nandini Sita, who has been described in the Ramakrisharatmanas by Mahakavi Goswami Tulsidasji interestingly.

According to Sriramacharitmanas, Maharaja Janak created Svata for the marriage of Sita. When all the King-Maharas who came in the Swayam of Sita could not lift the bow of Lord Shiva, then the sage Vishwamitra, giving instructions to Lord Shriram said, 'O Ram! Get up, break the bow of Shiva and erase the father's anger.

Upon hearing the words of Guru Vishwamitra, Shriram got up and proceeded to offer the same on the bow. Seeing this scene, Sita's heart was overwhelmed. Seeing the Lord, Sitaji decided in his heart that this body will remain with him or not.

Prabhu Shriram knew about Mata Sita's mind and he saw the great bow of Lord Shiva. After this, the bows were broken with a fierce sound as soon as they were offered to him. Seeing this, Sita's mind was satisfied.

Then came near Sita Shriram. Janki came in between the little ones, then a Sakhi asked Sita to wear a Jayala. At that time, his hands were getting such beauties, as if two lotus feet, including the pedestal, are jayamara frightening the moon. Then Sitaji wore Jayama in the throat of Sriram. Seeing this view, the gods started flowing flowers. The fences began to sound in the city and sky.

The pair of Shriram-Sita was embellished in this way as if beauty and make-up juice were gathered. Evidence spread throughout the earth, the sea, and the heaven that Shriram broke the bow and took the seat of Sitaji. In view of this, special festivals are celebrated in the main Ram temples of Shukla Panchami of the month of Agjan.

This day is considered very sacred due to the good marriage of Srimada Purushottam Shriram-Sita. In Indian culture, Ram-Sita is considered an ideal couple.

Just as Lord Sriram attained the status of Purushottam by performing eternal abilities, in the same way, mother Sita presented the paramount example of being a woman of piety before all the world. On this sacred day, everyone should get blessings from the Lord for their happy couple live while worshipping Ram-Sita.


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