Married girlfriend stabbed 16 times in front of child, scared son did this work
Married girlfriend stabbed 16 times in front of child, scared son did this work

Betul: A married woman was brutally attacked with a knife by her lover in front of her innocent child over a love affair in Betul, Madhya Pradesh. Which took the woman's life. The criminal stabbed her 16 times on her body. The police have arrested the culprit. In fact, on Monday afternoon, a lover stabbed his girlfriend to death in Betul's Sarani. When the girlfriend talked about ending the love affair that has been going on for 2 years, the boyfriend attacked her with a knife in front of the innocent son of the girlfriend. She was attacked 16 times. After the murder, the criminal lover ran away.

Seeing this incident, the innocent son got scared and locked himself in the cupboard. It is being said that a man named Sandeep Sahu killed 26-year-old Rubina. The killing of the woman by slitting her throat with a knife in public has created a sensation in the city. The murder was seen by the innocent child of the deceased Rubina with his own eyes.

Ratnakar Hingve said that after Monday afternoon, Sandeep Sahu reached Rubina's house and there were several attacks on her with a knife and 16 knife marks were found on the throat and other places. In a critical condition, Rubina was brought to Ghodadongri Hospital, where doctors declared her brought dead. Police are claiming the incident to be a love affair. Mrittika Rubina and Sandeep had been having an affair for 2 years, as Rubina's son was growing up, so he asked Sandeep to end the love affair. On this, Sandeep killed Rubina by doing it 16 times with a knife. Mrittika's husband Asif Ali said Sandeep had been harassing Rubina for two years. Asif Ali said that even 6 months ago Sandeep had smashed Rubina's head, which had complained to the Sarani police station, but the police did not take any action, due to which we had left the area and came to another area, today Sandeep came and stabbed Rubina in front of his son and made Carl.

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