The Miraculous Shankh of Mahadev, the interesting story behind its Great Significance
The Miraculous Shankh of Mahadev,  the interesting story behind its Great Significance

Shankh is considered very important in Pooja Ceremony. It is also said that without Shanka Pooja remains incomplete. It plays a very significant role in Sanatan Dharma. 

Story of the Great Significance of Shankh

According to legend,  Because of the curse of Durvasa Rishi, Lord Vishnu suggested the deities for Samudra Manthan along with the Asuras. In the Samudra Manathan, various Ratna (gems) were found. Many wonderful gems came out of Samudra Manthan but with poison also coming out, Mahadev drinks this poison. After drinking this Mahadev’s neck became blue and Lord got another name that is Neelkanth. 

Mahadev went towards the Himalayas after drinking poison, but still there was the effect of poison in the seawater. A shankh had accepted that poisonous water and purified as seawater.  Mahadev's throat turned blue after consuming poisonous water and he was named Neelkanth, in the same way the name of this Shankh was also named as Neelkanth. The shape of this special Shankh shell is open from both sides.

As per the legends, if someone is bitten by a snake or stung by a scorpion, then it is a tradition to fill this conch shell with the water of Ganga and make the person drink by this water it as it helps to removes the poison or reduces its wrath. The mark should be cleaned by putting cow urine of a local cow in the Shankh.

According to a popular belief that if a person has Shankh in his home then snakes, scorpions etc. other poisonous animals do not enter his house. As per a tradition if you put black cow’s milk in the shankh and keep it in the rays of the sun for some time and then drink it, it helps you to deal with various incurable diseases, If a person is suffering from mental stress, he should be given the milk of a white desi cow after keeping it in the same shell for some time. 

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