The "most overpriced" used cars to fix are BMWs.

UK: When it comes to the best selling vehicle manufacturers in the UK, BMW is the most expensive to repair.

As per the research done by a warranty provider, which calculated the average cost of repairs for the top 10 most popular car brands, ie.

According to exclusive research carried out by WarrantyWar for car dealers, the average BMW repair over the past two years was £1,282. With 88,844 registrations as of the end of October, BMW is currently the fifth best-selling vehicle manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

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The warranty company examined information offering coverage for hundreds of thousands of cars from the past two years.

Although WarrantyWise was unable to disclose the exact number of vehicles covered for each brand, sharing the data with car dealers required the company to provide coverage for "more than 500" models. The average repair value is calculated based on all claims for models produced by each manufacturer in 2021 and 2022.

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Using new car registration data from SMMT, WarrantyWars compiled a list of the best selling car brands of all time in the UK. The claims settled were then compared to the average repair cost for each brand.

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Audi came in at number two on the list of vehicles that cost the most to repair, with the average repair coming in at £1,164. Audi is the third best selling brand so far this year. Mercedes came in third with a price of £992. The eighth best selling automaker this year so far is a German company.

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