The new Mardas of UP will no longer get grants, the decision was taken in the cabinet meeting of the Yogi government

Lucknow: Now no grant will be given to new madrasas in Uttar Pradesh. This decision has been taken in the cabinet meeting of Yogi government. By passing a resolution in this regard, the Yogi government has ended the old policy of the Akhilesh government. Madarsas will not get any relief even after approaching the court after the new proposal. Let us inform that there are a total of 16461 madrasas in Uttar Pradesh. Of these, 559 madrassas are currently being given government grants. From this grant, the teachers and non-teaching staff of these madrasas get salary.

In the cabinet meeting held on Tuesday (17 May 2022), the Minority Welfare Department passed a resolution that no new madrassa would get grants from now on. Last year also no grant was given by the Yogi government to any new madrasa. According to the information, the policy was implemented by the Akhilesh government to give grants to madrasas in the year 2016, which has been abolished by the Yogi government. Under this policy, the SP government had decided to give grants to 146 madrassas, which were recognized by the year 2003. However, this grant was not given to any madrasa during the first term of the Yogi government. After this, citing the policy of the SP government, the madrasa manager went to the High Court and said that if they are fulfilling every standard, then why they are not getting the grant.

The High Court, while hearing the matter, asked the government to consider grants in a Mau madrassa case. When the government checked the standards of this madrasa, it came to know that it was recognized only on the basis of forged documents. Now in matters of grants to other madrassas, the government is taking lessons from the Mau case and asking those who claim they meet each and every criteria for grants to be investigated first.

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