The Thane court cancelled the non-bailable warrant against Param Bir Singh

Mumbai: A Thane court has cancelled a non-bailable warrant against former Mumbai commissioner Parambir Singh (Non-Bailable Warrant Cancel). Param Bir Singh's non-bailable warrant, issued following his court appearance, has been annulled. The warrant was cancelled by the court, and Parambir Singh was ordered to assist with Thane police in the probe. At the same time, the court has ordered Parambir Singh to pay a Rs 15,000 private bail.

Parambir Singh has been granted a week to pay his personal bail, according to the court. After the non-bailable warrant was withdrawn, Parambir Singh went for Thane Nagar police station. The former Mumbai commissioner had petitioned the lower court to have the non-bailable warrant against him and the judgement labelling him a fugitive quashed.


A non-bailable warrant against former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh has been dismissed by Thane Cart, the court hearing the matter. Parambir Singh will be required to post a Rs. 15,000 bond (Private Bond). Parambir Singh has been gone for months, according to you. That is why he was branded a fugitive by the court. However, he returned to Mumbai on Thursday.

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