Crew brought down plane after passenger created ruckus

The Spyjet airline flight suddenly created an atmosphere where a passenger was taken off the flight. According to a statement issued by the flight, a passenger was taken down at Guwahati airport on Friday for making objectionable things on board. After which he was handed over to CISF personnel. SpiceJet said in a statement that the incident took place on Flight SG 8169 to Delhi on Friday morning when the aircraft was on the runway.

In a statement on Sunday, the airline clarified that a passenger was taken off the plane for the reason, as he was repeatedly getting up from his seat and started creating a ruckus. Sometimes the passenger is trying to calm down. CISF was also quoted as saying that the move had to be taken when no effort worked.

Passengers were not ready to travel with the man: Where it is learnt that other passengers of the flight have told the crew of the flight that they were not ready to travel with the man, the flight was brought back to the bay and where security officials along with SpiceJet employees unloaded the passenger and handed him over to CISF. The flight later took off for Delhi. However, it is not yet clear whether action has been taken against the passenger who created a ruckus inside the flight.

First domestic flight from Kushinagar Airport to Delhi: According to information received so far, the first domestic flight from Kushinagar International Airport to Delhi is scheduled to depart on Friday. Airport Director A K Dwivedi has said, "Since Friday, Kushinagar international airport been operating. SpiceJet is scheduled to launch a flight service between Kushinagar and Delhi. Flights to another 2 cities are scheduled to start from the airport in the coming month. Flights to Kolkata will start from December 17 and Mumbai from December 18.' The international airport at Kushinagar was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 20.

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