The perfect fix for your skin lies in this guide

Carrier Oils: The perfect fix for your skin lies in this guide  Carrier Oils: The perfect fix for your skin lies in this guide

Always ensure to prep the base of your skin with healthy oils packed with fatty acids, antioxidants, and moisture-enhancing agents. Any oil when applied in moderate quantity, there is no harm but a chock-full of pleasantness that will follow for your skin. Read this guide to learn which oil deserves a spot of glory in your skincare routine. 

Dry skin 

Jojoba oil- A natural emollient that keeps dehydration away. Extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant, this oil can be used as a moisturiser when blended with your regular cream or as a makeup remover. 
Coconut oil- Enriched with fatty acids, it aids in preventing skin dryness   

Also try: Rosehip oil and pomegranate oil. 

Normal skin 

Sweet almond oil- From protecting against UV damage to improving skin tone and hydrating your skin, it's a forever blessing for this skin type. 
Pomegranate oil- This anti-inflammatory fruit oil helps to control excess sebum, enhance skin elasticity, nourish your skin, and keep wrinkles at bay. And, yes it does not lead to blocked pores. 

Also try: Argan oil and sesame oil. 

Acne-prone skin

Rosehip oil- A gift from nature that is recharged with linoleic acid to help combat acne and reduce blemishes. 
2) Watermelon seed oil- The non-comedogenic oil sucks up excess sebum, detoxifies the skin, and retains moisture. 

Also try: Evening primrose and sesame oils. 

Combination skin 

Flaxseed oil- With a blend of anti-inflammatory properties and essential fatty acids, it ups the nourishment factor and soothes inflammation. 
2) Grapeseed oil- Housed with antioxidants, it seeps into your skin to keep it hydrated, unclogged, and acne-free. 

Also try: Jojoba and Marula oils.

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