The PLA declares the Taiwan sea and air drills "complete"

China: The Chinese military announced that it had "successfully completed" a number of operations during recent exercises around Taiwan, but issued a warning that it would continue to conduct regular warfare exercises against the island.

Eastern Theater Command spokesman Xi Yi said in a brief statement on Wednesday that the command had recently conducted several joint military operations in the waters and airspace surrounding Taiwan.

He claimed that it had "effectively tested the integrated combined combat capabilities of the troops" and had accomplished a number of tasks.

He announced that the command would conduct regular battle preparedness exercises and monitor any changes in the situation in the Taiwan Strait.

In retaliation for US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to the island, Beijing on Thursday launched a series of unprecedented exercises, including a mock attack and a blockade of Taiwan.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei claimed in a separate statement that Taiwan was being headed for "disaster" by the Democratic Progressive Party's attempt to advance its independence agenda through closer ties with other countries.

"With the utmost sincerity and best efforts, we stand ready to work towards the possibility of a peaceful reunification for the benefit of the people of Taiwan. Tan, however, insisted that the PLA do not allow any "Taiwan independence" separatists. Will not tolerate activity or outside interference.

The People's Liberation Army conducted the exercise launching 11 missiles of the Dongfeng series, also known as Kinmen, over the Taiwan-controlled island of Kwamoy.

According to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, Pelosi's visit was a serious provocation that undermined the one-China doctrine.

Whenever America takes provocation, China will fight back. Wang argued that the US should abandon its plan to "use Taiwan to control China".

According to Taiwan, Beijing has been accused of using Pelosi's visit as an excuse to practice aggression.

He has conducted his military exercises to prepare for an attack on the island. On Wednesday, it released video showing how its air, land and sea forces reacted to the mainland exercise.

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