Police inspector enters female subordinate's house and molest her

Feb 19 2020 01:18 PM
Police inspector enters female subordinate's house and molest her

Khandwa: A case of molestation by entering a woman subedar's house has come to light. The police department has dismissed the accused Inspector Rahul Devalia, who entered the barrack of women guards in the police line and lying on the bed and entered the bar. During the preliminary investigation conducted by Additional Superintendent of Police Seema Adda on the matter, eyewitness statements found that the RI had entered the house of the woman subedar at the time of the incident, molesting and abusing her. The facts regarding the indecent, indecent behavior of women constables by going to the barracks have proved absolutely true.

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It is revealed by looking at the service book of Rahul Devalia. In the past also, a departmental inquiry was held against RI on the allegation of having a physical relationship with a female constable even during the deployment in Harda. Now, if the charges are proved from this case, Rahul Devalia is going to be punished with the punishment of keeping him on minimum salary for 5 years. After the investigation report, SP Dr. Shivdayal Singh has submitted a report to Indore Range IG Vivek Sharma for dismissal of RI. Rahul Devalia has been dismissed from service using the powers given in the provision of Article 311 (2) (b) of the Indian Constitution for criminal acts and indecent conduct by the accused.

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In the midst of the investigation on this matter, the police officers admitted that no hard decision has been taken in the case, then such incidents can be repeated with female employees. In the investigation, the conduct and act of the accused is considered a crime of serious nature. For which detailed investigation is not required. The policemen residing in the police line are subordinate employees of RI. Due to this, there is no possibility of much evidence in the investigation. From the SP's report, it became clear that extremely disgusting crime has been committed by RI which has been confirmed in the preliminary investigation.

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