Delhi: This pollution had taken birth before independence

Due to increasing pollution in Delhi, there is a lot of discussion about pollution today. Seeing this, it is said that the problem of pollution has occurred recently. But you will be shocked to know that this problem of pollution is there even before independence. Pollution is there before independence and rules were made before independence to deal with it.

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Dr. Rakesh Gupta, director of Neeri, has told that the issue of pollution in India was also in 1905. The Bengal Smoke News Act was enacted in 1905 for this issue. According to which, if a person smokes in any way, then a challan of Rs 2000 and Rs 5000 can be invoked in the second time. It was the first law to protect the environment, followed by The Bombay Smoke Nunciation Act in 1912.

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After all, pollution became a serious matter in the 70s and the government stepped up efforts to get rid of it. In February 1972, the Department of Science and Technology formed the National Committee on Environment Planning and Coordination (NCEPC). Over the years, a number of regulations were enacted for coal-fired thermal power plants. However, the industry was being discussed more about pollution. To get rid of pollution, work was done on pollution from mills, refinery, cement factory, textile mills, fertilizer plant, paper and pulp mill, etc. During this time, OP associated with India, Pollution Control Policy and Program. Dwivedi had said that commercial and passenger trains will increase in the future, due to which the pollution from transport will also increase.

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