The Promise Of Pure And Unadulterated Jewelry: Only With Vipul Kothari

Buying and preserving jewellery in India is not only a cultural custom, but also holds a lot of meaning attached to every item of jewellery the people wear.

Consult your parents, grandparents, or neighbours about what it takes to choose a Good Jeweler. One of the most essential things they'd tell you is that a good jeweller specializes in uncut diamonds and gold jewellery; one with whom you can build a long-term commitment of ethics and integrity; and one who regards both your monetary and emotional values alike.

At Vipul Kothari in Bikaner, you get all of these qualities of a ‘good jeweller’ met. He presents you with a credentialed set of jewellery and offers you a large selection to pick from. His approach in the business is laden with humility and gratitude which assures you that he cannot violate your trust in any way, unlike several well-known jewellers who have been caught selling contaminated, synthetic rubies in the past. Vipul’s commitment to never upset or say no to a customer sets him apart from the competition in his field. When a consumer needs something that he does not have, he seeks to help them by offering information about other jewellers who may be able to serve them. He not only sells gold, but he also owns a gem-like heart as well.

Why believe us? Well, the word of the mouth is Vipul Kothari Jain would never try to impose his own intentions over yours, or focus just on the price of a product. He's been in the jewellery sector for a long time, so if you're looking forward to regular ring upkeep with him, much until your silver jubilee wedding anniversary, don't stress, he'll still be there in your service. For him, it is business ethics that come before any other thing.

Vipul Kothari does not rely on short-cuts to trade his goods, rather, makes sure that each of his gold ornaments has a standard hallmark, the hallmarking centre's label, the year of marking, and the jeweller's identification tag on it.

Now that Diwali is approaching, jewellery stores are brimming with people looking to buy Diwali-themed jewellery for themselves and their family members. Vipul Kothari Jain, too, is preparing a slew of Diwali jewellery specials to entice the demands of the general public.

Whether you're looking for a simple and light-weight gold necklace design or a Kundan Gold Choker Necklace, he has it all, and quality is guaranteed.

So start this year's Diwali gold purchasing spree with Vipul Kothari in Bikaner.  Pure jewellery, that’s for sure! 

You can connect with him on Instagram at @jainvipulkothari.

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