The quarrel of the parents took the life of the child! dead body found in well

Shocking cases have been reported in Marathwada region of Maharashtra. A mother threw her 2-year-old son into the well. The mother then told her brother-in-law about the incident. Initially, his words were ignored by the people, but when the child was not seen in the evening, people searched the well where the son's body was lying. According to reports received from Nilanga police station in Latur district, the incident took place at Ratheda village in Kelgaon area of the district on Sunday. Maya Venkat Panchal and her husband Venkat Panchal lived in Ratheda village with 2-year-old son Samarth Panchal. A month ago, there was a dispute between the husband and wife and since then husband Venkat Panchal started living in Ausa village, 20 kmaway.

Ausa village is 30 km from Latur city. Ever since the husband and wife fought, Venkat started coming to the village to meet his son Samarth one day a week, but the conversation with his wife was stopped. Maya on Sunday told her brother-in-law that she had thrown her 2-year-old son into the well. Devar ignored bhabhi's words and went to work. Devar remembered his sister-in-law Maya when he did not see his nephew when he returned home on Sunday evening. He immediately informed brother Venkat. Venkat immediately returned to the village and started looking for son Samarth. He was also seen in the well but did not appear in the dark of the night, then a search operation was launched in the well on Monday morning. The body of the son was found in the well itself.

On the complaint of Venkat Vishwanath Panchal, a case under Section 302 has been registered against maya panchal, the mother of the child, in the murder case. Maya Panchal's mental condition is not said to be good. Police are currently investigating the entire incident. Police suspect that the child was killed due to tension between the husband and wife. In the incident, Assistant Inspector of Police, Nilanga police station Abhijit Kudle said that Maya did not want a child, which is why she was killed. The arrested mother has also confessed to her crime. The criminal mother of Qatl will be produced before the court on Tuesday.

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