The rare 'white crow' shown in MP, was caused by the curse of the sage black

Have you ever seen a white crow? So your answer will be no and you will say that the crow is black. But that's not the case, today we are going to tell you about the white crow. This white crow has been seen in Madhya Pradesh, the picture of which is going viral on social media, the same has been seen earlier in the year 2019 in Datwara in Madhya Pradesh and then in the year 2017 also in Satna.  

However, there are scientific reasons behind the change in color of the crow. The white crow is also similar to other black crows, but due to genetic defect leuciism, the color of some crows becomes white. There are many species of crows in the world whose bodies have a white spot somewhere. According to a professor of geology, due to non-completion of the lBniism process, some crows are born white in color and not the original color of the organism.

Although according to mythology, it is said that earlier the color of the crow used to be white, but due to the curse of a sage, its color became black. According to beliefs, a long time ago a sage sent a white crow to look for nectar and ordered it to bring only the information of nectar but it should not drink. After years of struggle, the white crow searched for the nectar, but after so much hard work, he also began to crave to drink the nectar. The crow drank the nectar and then, reported it to the sadhu.

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