The restaurant served the chopped head of a duck, the customers screamed!

There are many countries which are infamous all over the world for their strange food. The first name in this list is from China. The people here eat such strange dishes made of animals that you can be blown away after hearing it. Now amidst all this, such a dish is being served these days in a restaurant in Britain, after knowing about which you will also be blown away. In fact, in the restaurant here, the customers cried out of fear when only the head of the duck was served in their plate.

Yes and now the picture of this strange dish is becoming quite viral on social media. Many people are blown away after seeing this. This restaurant serving this strange dish is in London. Let us tell you that the Western Laundry restaurant in Highbury East, London has shared pictures of this strange dish on its Instagram account itself. The funniest thing is that the restaurant has described it as the best seafood in its place.

You can see that if what is in this picture comes in front of you, then your senses will be blown away. This dish is as disgusting as it looks scary. Under the information received, the picture shared by the laundry restaurant with the people on its Instagram account. In this, a cut head of a duck is seen in a plate. Along with this, it is written in the caption, 'Duck neck stuffed with turnips and lentils.' Let us tell you that the restaurant has named this dish as beaktofeet. At the same time, to enjoy this dish, you will have to pay around 1900 rupees. Many users are liking it, while many are calling it disgusting.

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