The rioter's mother publicly threatened PM 'Modi'

Ranchi: On June 10, 2022 (Friday), there has been another revelation in the violence that took place in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, on Friday. According to the police, a WhatsApp group was formed to mobilize the crowd for the violence. The name of this group was given 'Wassepur Gang'. Police are searching for the admin of this group.

Wasseypur is a place in Jharkhand which is present in Dhanbad district near Ranchi. A Bollywood film has also been made in the name of this place in June 2012, in which an attempt was made to describe this place as a stronghold of miscreants. According to a local news, there have also been reports of a violent mob firing due to the demonstration in Ranchi. Forensic team is reaching the spot to investigate this. Due to this, a bullet fired in a pillar was removed, which the team took with them for testing.

On the other hand, the mother of Mudassir, who was killed due to violence, has threatened the police. In an interview, he said, “The bullying is not going to work anymore. Will he become a goon in uniform? Have you thought that you will not write an FIR? Will play brick by brick. They will have to write FIR in every situation otherwise we will not let them live in peace. How did you kill my babu? He only said Islam Zindabad. Did the government order them (policemen) to shoot those who spoke Islam Zindabad? My son had just given his 10th exam and was also studying computer. Further Mudassir's mother said, “There was a little kid there. No one was big. Did Modi tell him to shoot him? We want to see this in every channel. Otherwise I will consider you people to be Modi's dalla. Today my heart is on fire. Was my child biting someone's hair? Why did you shoot at Muslims? Are you thinking that by raising 1 crore army of Modi, he will catch the Muslim? He'll never be able to. Only one child has gone. 10 children are standing with me to behead. I don't want compensation but instead of life. I want the life of the one who killed my child. Whether it is the policeman or the bell ringer in the temple. Modi, you messed up with the wrong woman." In the same video, the women were sitting with Mudassir's mother and said, “Islam was zindabad and Islam will remain zindabad. If one Mudassir is martyred, then 100 Mudassir will be born. He will do it alive. All the other castes are there, they all have to end one day. Islam will remain the same. This whole world is alive only from Islam. As long as there is Islam, this world is there.” Finally, Mudassir's mother warned the media persons. He said, “Every single word of mine should run in all television channels. If a single word is missed, I will catch you media persons. My people are also recording here. Don't say later that why did you catch me? This statement of his is still in discussions everywhere.

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