The shop manager used to make videos of girls raping them

Chennai: The Chennai Police also seized the cellphone of a shop manager in a raid on tobacco products. During the phone check, the police got startling information. He used to videograph the scenes on his cell phone, raping the girls. And used to share it with his friends. The police were surprised to see a total of 50 such videos. He was immediately booked under various sections and remanded.

Perumal (40) runs a shop in TP Chataram police station. The atrocities being committed on girls came to light when Raga raided a shop on Saturday taking information about the sale of tobacco products. Perumal is raping the girls who came to play in the shop and the daughters of the women who were left in the shop. He videographed the scenes on his cell phone. There are a total of 50 videos for doing this. Investigation revealed that the girls were being harassed continuously for six months.

His two sisters helped. Sending your daughters to him is shocking. Both of them are also in a relationship with him. Deputy Commissioner Karthikeyan told that by doing this on their daughters, women were taking goods and goods from the shop for free. He took the other three girls to the shop to play. The commissioner said that if he had not seen the phone, he would not have known such terrible things. At present the girls are kept in the Children's Home. Perumal and two of his associates were arrested and remanded under the Pokémon Act.


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