The significance of dividing animal in three sections

Aug 16 2018 08:31 PM
The significance of dividing animal in three sections

 Eid al-Adha is a festival, very fondly celebrated by the Muslims, all across the globe. The rituals followed in the celebration involve slaughtering the animal with the utterance of prayers and remembering Allah. The ritual reminds them that life is sacred and is a gift of God. The sacrificed animal is divided into 3 parts.

One section of the meat obtained from the slaughtered animal is eaten by the family members and the relatives.

The 2nd part is offered to the friends of the family. The remaining 3rd part is donated with the poor people, which encourages an act of sharing.

The meat from the sacrifice of Bakra Eid is mostly given away to others
The festival reminds us that all that we have and possess belongs to Allah hence we must be ready to offer everything to him happily. Allah’s command is the most prior order and should hence be followed.

It teaches us that to make relations and strengthen them, we must sacrifice a section of whatever we have and must not restrain from it.  

Muslims celebrate the festival with joy and harmony. This year Bakra Eid would be celebrated on the 23rd of August.

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