The Social Activist Who Saved Lives during the Pandemic: Utpal Khot

The epitome of simplicity and talent, Utpal Khot is renowned for his ethics and values. In this world filled with condemnation and denunciation, this man comes with an exceptional influence. His unflinching and plucky nature is helping him to serve society in a better way. 

Utpal Krishnaji Khot has origin from Mumbai and was born in a middle-class family. He has engraved an ideal position in the field of social work that is worth approbation. His love for music has not faded, as he still finds music one of the most engrossing things. Not only a social worker, but he is a colossal human who loves saving the lives of animals. The man has a NGO called Being the Teal Human Foundation. He has been felicitated by PETA and PETFED, and his team is working hard to give a better life to stray animals. He works harder every day to contribute something to society. Not everyone is worth lauding until he does something that good. He believes in creating a voice of humanity in today's generation. His NGO “Being the Real Human Foundation” is the home of young talents from all over the world. The volunteers working in his team are getting to explore a lot of new things in the world. The best part is all have their space and freedom with no direct orders for any work. They all voluntarily give their service for the Love and respect they have for this one Man, their idol - Utpal Khot

Uptal Khot is rewarded with many prestigious awards. He received the “Real Super Heroes”, 2021 award by FSIA as the best Animal Activist in the Social work category. It was not easy for him to accomplish success during the initial stage, but his attitude made him get everything. He believes in social impact. His motto was to help animals and raises a voice for them. People don’t want to help others, but are selfishly busy amassing wealth for themselves. Uptal Khot is a one-man army with a spiffing thought process to grow and let others grow at the same time. 

On the professional front, after working in the FMCG industry for a while, he switched to para banking activities. He then made his way to the Market Research & Contact centre Industry and was priced extremely high with a high paid job in the corporate field. At the helm of his career as the Country head- Back office services, he left his job. He did this as he aimed to achieve new heights by doing something better differently. He loves serving others especially animals. He loves to feed animals and takes proper care of them. 

He aspired to be a social worker since childhood and proved to be the man of his dreams. He achieved becoming what he wanted himself to be, by serving both animals and humans. He has become an inspiration for many Youngsters out there, still trying to do something in life. No wonder he is a successful Social Media Influencer too due to his popularity with the younger generation. There is always a brighter side if you wish to see beyond the darkness. This man has made a statement by feeding countless animals over a decade now. One of the best examples of humanity and altruism is Utpal Khot in today’s world. This man IS and will be the Real life Hero for many people and animals today, and in future. We salute such Real life Super Heroes.
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