The son who was handed over, returned home after 6 months

Muzaffarpur: A shocking incident is coming to light from Bihar's Muzaffarpur district, the happiness of a family living here did not stop when their son returned after 6 months. The family had buried him as dead. Seeing the son alive in front of their eyes, the parents had tears in their eyes.

In fact, on December 16, 2022, Mohammad Ehtam Ansari was beaten up on charges of mobile theft. Thereafter, he was thrown off the moving train. Everyone thought he was dead. The family members identified the body and handed it over to them. On December 16, 2022, a woman passenger's phone was stolen in the general compartment of train number 14205 Ayodhya-Delhi Express in Tilhar, UP. Ehtam Ansari was travelling with his friend in the same train. After the woman raised an alarm, a search was conducted on suspicion. The phone was seized from Ehtam. Ehtam and his friend were then beaten up by the woodcutters present in the train. After that, both of them were thrown down from the moving train. One of them died after being hit by a train coming from the other side.  

The incident in Tilhar was reported to GRP Shahjahanpur, and immediately informed the Bareilly GRP. Subsequently, the Bareilly GRP sent Narendra, the criminal youth who beat up the criminal, to jail. In this case, the dead young man, who was beaten and thrown from the train, reached his home alive. The young man, who returned home, told his family members that after being thrown out of the train, he reached an ashram through the injured Badhavas forest. There the sadhus and babas took care of him and when he became healthy, he came home. Ehtab's father Md. "We had sent our son out. His friend was also with the son. Both were pushed off the train and thrown down. My son's friend was killed in this. But, my son survived because of the forest. However, his memory was gone. We got to know him through the internet. Then we brought him home. We are very happy with my son coming home." 

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