The Story about Amin From Calcutta

History knows many examples of millionaires and successful businessmen who literally made themselves out of poverty. The phrase “from rags to riches” sounds like a cliché, but it is a perfect description of the thorny path of many famous entrepreneurs.

As a rule, all these stories are united by one circumstance: all these people had such a crucial moment in their lives when they took a risk and made a fateful decision to try something new and change their lives.

Today we will tell about one similar story of a young man named Amin.

Amin was born and raised in the city of Calcutta, which is located in the Ganges Delta in Eastern India. This region is stuck in problems, unemployment bits all the records and the average salary rarely exceeds $100-$120 - just above India's minimum wage of $93. Amin's father was a woodworker and worked a lot, moreover, in several furniture workshops at once, which allowed his family to at least somehow survive. Survive literally, because even working a lot and hard for his father, it was rarely possible to earn more than $200 a month. This money was barely enough for the family to buy food and clothes. Witnessing all this, Amin really wanted to help his parents to get out of poverty. He wanted to work and help his father, but his father wanted Amin to continue attending school and studying well. “Only education can give you a chance for a better new life,” said his dad.

Amin also understood this, as he admitted the fact that his native Calcutta is not only a ghetto area where he and his family live. Calcutta is also a city of opportunities, with almost 5 million people living here, not counting the many tourists who flood the city in droves. Amin liked to attend book fairs, which were often held in Calcutta. Unfortunately, he did not have money to buy books, so he collected all the booklets and brochures handed out for free by promoters and eagerly read everything that he could obtain. Amin has always been interested in the world of business, investment and finance, described in brochures. It was not at all like the reality in which he lived. And one could even think that this does not happen and these are all the authors' fantasies, if it were not for the well-dressed people in expensive suits and in expensive cars, whom he sometimes met in the city. Amin really wanted to become one of them, but he did not yet know how to carry out his plans.

When Amin graduated from high school, his parents gave him a gift that he could not even dream of - a smartphone. It was the most primitive, cheap, but new. Now Amin could look for access points in the city with free WiFi to browse the Internet and read books, to learn and develop. For Amin, it was like a breath of fresh air - after all, he was drawn to education and self-development with all his heart!

It should be noted that Amin himself dreamed of a smartphone and secretly saved money to buy a used phone, and he even managed to raise as much as $20.

Now Amin had both a smartphone and $20, and this changed a lot and opened up completely new horizons of possibilities. Amin recalled reading an article posted on a website devoted to business and investment, telling about the launch of the EVERCLUB investment and educational platform. Even then, Amin thought: “What a good combination: investment and education, two of my hobbies at once in one place.”

On the EVERCLUB platform website, Amin saw the statement: “In order to start, it is enough to have only 20 dollars.”

"It's my fate", thought Amin. Indeed, that was the exact sum of money he had: not a cent more, not a cent less.

Amin signed up and purchased his first platform. Like a sponge, he greedily absorbed all the educational materials provided there. Amin shared his knowledge with friends and acquaintances, spoke about the earning opportunities that the platform opens up for its users. That sincere and genuine fire that burned in his eyes managed to ignite the flames of many other people who also became the platform users later. Amin was increasingly seen at events dedicated to investment and finance, he made many new acquaintances. People in expensive suits no longer seemed inaccessible characters from films to him – they became part of his everyday life. In just a few months, Amin transformed from a shy youngster from ghetto into an experienced investor from the city. For half a year, Amin completely changed himself, changed the style of clothing, hairstyle, manner of speaking and even gait. The only thing left of the former Amin was honesty, decency and an inalienable craving for knowledge and self-development.

Having earned his first capital, Amin opened his own business for the production and sale of mahogany furniture. And he appointed a high-class professional - his father - to lead the production. Thus, he made two dreams come true at once: both his own and his father's. Today, handmade chairs and tables, sofas and cabinets produced by the Amin’s furniture factory can be found in many countries of the world.

Recently, at the opening of an elite London furniture showroom, among vases, paintings, souvenirs and various collectibles, one could see pieces of furniture produced by the Amin’s factory. And it’s hard to believe that not long ago this whole story began with $20 and purchase of the first platform in EVERCLUB.

“A beautiful fairy tale” - some will dreamily say... “It doesn’t happen like that” - others will echo them uncertainly... to which Amin’s numerous relatives and friends will confidently answer: “Dreams become reality with EVERCLUB!”.

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