The story of Artist Rubeena Siddiqui’s aspirations and commitment

While the world is full of people who had it all right from work, there are many more who created their success. It is often difficult to connect their victories to their background. People also often think that it was probably a fluke that works only for some lucky people. However, it doesn’t take luck but commitment, hard work, and the audacity to dream. One such audacious person is Artist Rubeena Siddiqui. Despite being born and raised in a village, Rubeena is now a popular name in the entertainment industry.

With 424k followers on Instagram and 1.4 million followers on MX-Takatak, her success story is a tale of persistence and self-belief. Rubeena believes in working incessantly to beat the odds and not getting demotivated by failure. Her journey in the world of social media has been short but inspirational. She has achieved a lot in a matter of 9 months.

Now that Rubeena has come so far, she thinks that her parents’ blessings and god’s love have helped her sail the tumultuous water. When, in January 2021, she debuted on Instagram with a veiled pic, she was clouded by self-doubt, fear, and a multitude of negative emotions. However, when she revealed her face, her popularity increased, and she started feeling at ease with her decision. Then she posted her first video, and it was viewed over 1 million times. All the videos that she posted after that became viral. She has come from not knowing anything about social media to being the queen and also the face of multiple branding assignments that she landed because of her popularity.

Rubeena also shares a major portion of the credit with her husband Faizal Siddiqui, who she says was constant support through her struggle.

Fans have greatly appreciated Rubeena’s performance in her YouTube endeavor, “Kamaal Kare tu”. With over 1 million views, the video is a good example of Rubeena’s mesmerizing looks, superior acting talent, and capability to impress viewers.

Rubeena is passionate about singing and content creation and enjoys acting and modeling, too. Her popularity is proof that she puts her heart and soul into her passion. This began way back in her childhood, when she received attention and applause for her talent in school functions and at family gatherings. Now she is determined to use social media to impress the audience with her versatility. Her videos include beauty and fashion videos and comic content.

We hope Rubeena gets unlimited success in her future.

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