Panna: Farmer's fortunes brighten during farming, owner of lakhs in no time!

Panna: Panna of Madhya Pradesh has given thousands of diamonds worth crores of rupees in 61 years. The best type of diamond was received in 1961 by a man named Rasool Mohammad. He was 44.55 carats, which was then sold for Rs. 96,000. The last big diamond was acquired last year by farmer Lakhanlal Yadav, which was auctioned for Rs 60 lakh. So far, 70 persons have received good quality diamonds, after which the fortunes of the slum dwellers have been reversed. In recent circumstances, 13,547 diamonds were received between 2000 and 2021. They weigh 9161.45 carats. 16 crore 54 lakh 41 thousand 329 rupees were received in the auction. According to the market, the price is almost half.

Lakhan Lal, who had found a diamond worth Rs 60 lakh last year, said, "I used to do only farming. He used to look for diamonds in the middle. This diamond was obtained after about 22 years of hard work. This has led to the construction of a goshala. Built a separate house bought a motorcycle.'' He said, "If Rs 53 lakh was deducted out of 60, then he completed the incomplete well. He built the Lakhan Hanuman temple in his name.''

Katra Bazar businessman Rahul Kishan Agarwal (28) was doing an ancestral business in The Farm. They were not sure that in just one month they would get the diamond and the fortunes would turn around. Today, they are wholesalers, they have purchased land. He said a lease of individual mine was received from Panna Diamond Office at Ranipur near Janakpur on February 20, 2019. After taking it, they forgot. Then increased labor in the mine in early November 2019. 20,000 to 30,000 rupees were spent. Within a month, a 13.21-carat jam quality diamond was received on 7th December 2019. 26 lakh 15 thousand 58 rupees auctioned. 22 lakhs by deducting royalty and TDS.

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