The success formula for Musicians by Marwan Shaheed. Know how to promote Music and grow Fanbase.

"Thriving in the music industry is not easy.

You're competing with millions of people inching their way to the top. 

In the current music industry, being skilled and unique isn't sufficient to help you stand out from the crowd of other artists. Gaining the kind of recognition like Marwan Shaheed is not easy. You have to be careful and know how to take steps in a competitive market.

According to Marwan Shaheed, the present-day music industry makes it harder for aspiring musicians to gain fame and attention. This is because it's not enough to be skilled or unique – you have to know how to expand your skills and target the right audience using various platforms. 

With the rise of social media and gushing services, the competition is tougher than ever, and the stakes are sky-high in 2021, says Marwan Shaheed.

Marwan Shaheed, renowned musician, Entrepreneur and founder of music label name "alnojomia" music Production company shared a few tips about how to grow in these tough times. 

Marwan Shaheed tips for growing as a musician in 2021 are as follow:

Create a simple website where people can easily connect to you and gather all the right info about you. 
Creating hype in the market: The current music era is all about hype. You see lacklustre projects topping the charts precisely because of cleverly generated hype by musicians. It is all good if you are earning bucks.

Using social media platforms: Don't forget about YouTube, Spotify and other major platforms. These platforms will help you grow faster than you thought. 
Try to get more Visual! by using various platforms like IG, FB and all.
Interact, Network in the Real World: Grow more Network because that will help you get more work.

No one is king, so Collaborate with Other Artists to survive in the long term.
The most important thing is to try new Remixes and improvisation.
Actions should speak as loud as your Music.

The Bottom Line is that applying these things will help you build a career like Marwan Shaheed and help you solidify your image in the music industry.

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