US to take action against those who help Huawei

Jun 19 2019 06:36 PM
US to take action against those who help Huawei

Now the battle between China's smartphone maker Huawei and the US government has reached India. While companies like Google, Facebook and Intel had spoken last month not to support Huawei after the government's order, the US has now warned India. The US has said that if an Indian company supplies parts or any kind of products made by American companies to Huawei. So action can be taken on top of that. The U.S. government has also sent a letter to the Indian government.

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If we talk about it, it is seen as an attempt by the US wants to pressure Chinese companies in India. On the other hand, after receiving the letter from the US, the Ministry of External Affairs has sought the opinion of the Department of Telecommunications, Policy Commission, Ministry of Electronics, Ministry of Commerce and Principal Scientific Advisors on US sanctions.

For your information, the 5G conference was held in Prague where the US said it was monitoring 35 companies registered in China besides the US and also affiliates of Huawei Sri Lanka, Huawei Pakistan, and Huawei Hong Kong. On the other hand, the recommendations of the conference said that there should be only one 5G standard across the world. Huawei has the highest patent of 5G. While Huawei will dominate the 5G market, the ban on equipment supply to Huawei on U.S. companies will do a great job and make the company's way forward difficult.

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