The wall of the shop was broken for renovation, the unique view shown inside

There are many strange things happening all over the world. Now the same thing has happened recently. This is a case of Chhattisgarh. In fact, a unique peepal tree in dhamtari town here is attracting people's attention. It is being told that the stem of this peepal present inside a cloth shop here is unusually flattened. The 25-year-old tree is more than 50 feet tall. Yes and due to this tree, the building of the shop is in danger, although the shopkeepers and their employees worship it in the morning and evening as gods. It is being told that there are mostly sarafa and cloth shops in the busy Gol Bazar area of Dhamtari.

Yes and one of these shops is Hari Om Vastralaya, inside which there is a peepal tree in the middle, which attracts the attention of every visitor. People here are surprised to see this tree and the one who sees it for the first time keeps looking at it for a long time. This tree is absolutely extraordinary to see. Yes, and this tree inside the shop is glued to the wall. Its stem is not round, but flattened and so on.

Not only that, its stem is divided into about five parts. Let you tell everyone that the lower part of the stem is shaped in such a way that it is as if a temple is built. At the same time, the shopkeeper has made a chabutra with beautiful stones under neath the tree, in which there are idols or pictures of symbols of the faith of different religious sects. Let us tell you all that here every morning and evening, the owner and the staff together perform puja here.

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