Wife hungry and thirsty since morning for the long life of her husband, killed at night

Kushinagar: The relationship between husband and wife in India is said to be very divine. Its purity is enhanced by many fasts and pujas of Indian culture. But a shocking case has come to light from Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh where a husband slit his 26-year-old wife's throat on the day of Teej. The wife had fasted for the long life of the criminal husband. The criminal fled after the incident.

According to the news received, this case is of Deoria Babu village of Ramkola police station area of ​​Kushinagar. Where 28-year-old Rajgir Mistry Veerbal carried out this incident. The criminal has illicit relations with a woman from Gujarat. Some time ago he brought his girlfriend home and told his wife that this is his second wife. He said that she has to be accepted by all. After listening to her husband's second wife, the ground slipped under the feet of the woman. This was strongly opposed by the criminal's wife Sheela.

Due to the opposition of his wife, Veerbal left his girlfriend back in Gujarat. But after returning to Kushinagar, he started committing atrocities on his wife. He used to beat his wife mercilessly every day after getting drunk. Last Thursday night, Veerbal's mother was sleeping in the verandah with his two young children. The wife of the criminal had kept the Teej fast since morning for his long life. Who knew that the husband whose long life she had been hungry and thirsty for the whole day would become the enemy of her life. In the middle of the night, Veerbal woke up and slit his wife's throat, and ran away from the spot.

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