The wife was bitten by a snake, then the husband reached the hospital with 'both' and..."

Lucknow: Astrange incident was witnessed in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. Here is an incident depicting the love of a husband and wife. In fact, a man here also caught that snake on the bite of his wife by a snake. The husband caught the snake because he had bitten his wife. The man grabbed the snake and locked it in a bottle. After which the husband took both his wife and the snake to the  hospital.   

The woman was admitted to the district hospital after being bitten by a snake. Where the woman is undergoing treatment. The incident took place in Afzal Nagar area of Makhi police station area in the wee hours of Friday. The doctor was stunned to see the snake with the woman. He questioned the woman's husband Ramendra Yadav why the snake was brought in. On this, the woman's husband told me what would happen if you asked me which snake had bitten my wife. So I brought the snake along,  so that you can see for yourself. For the treatment of his wife, the husband took the snake with him so that the doctors could get the information.

The husband later said that he would leave the snake in the forest after his wife was discharged from the hospital. He told that the snake did not have breathing problems, so he had made a hole in the plastic bottle. In this way, the young man took care of both his wife and the snake and arranged to breathe for the snake while taking his wife for treatment.

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