Woman steals newborn from hospital, reason will shock you
Woman steals newborn from hospital, reason will shock you

Visakhapatnam: The case of theft of a newborn baby from King George Hospital (KGH) in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, was solved by the police in less than 24 hours. Police have arrested five persons, including a woman, for stealing the child. Police officer Manish Kumar Sinha said that law and order and crime teams were alerted after the kidnap. We gathered news from hospitals and local areas.  

The law and order team examined the CCTV footage installed nearby. The child was taken to Srikakulam by cab from Gurudwara Junction in Visakhapatnam. The police got a clue from the mobile number written on the back of the cab. "We reached out to the criminals through that number. "We took the child and handed it over to the parents on Thursday evening.''

A couple named Lakshmi and Rajesh of Srikakulam had struck a deal with a woman named Kondamma for the child. The woman was admitted to King George Hospital for the birth of the baby. Kondamma also gave birth to a child but lost her life. The culprit, Kondamma, contacted Lakshmi and Rajesh. He along with Yashoddha and Geeta hatched a conspiracy to steal 1 child from King George's Hospital. Then, the woman named Gayatri stole the child from the hospital, in which Kondamma assists her at the door. Gayatri and Yashoda kidnapped the girl on Wednesday evening and took her to Srikakulam. They wanted to make money by selling the child to the couple.

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