Woman finds 18 snakes in her bedroom, shares pictures
Woman finds 18 snakes in her bedroom, shares pictures

A variety of strange cases are being reported from all over the world, and in Georgia, USA, the woman was terrified when she reached bed to sleep and 18 snakes were sitting under neath it. The woman has also mentioned the entire issue of her panic on her social media.

In fact, Trish Wilcher, a woman, saw some very small creatures crawling on the floor outside her house before going to bed. After some time they found another similar organism crawling in the other part of the house. But when the woman went to sleep in her bedroom and peered under the bed, she was stunned. A large snake and its 17 children were present under the bed, which frightened the woman. He then realized that the creature on the floor was nothing but a snake's baby.

The same Trish Wilcher said after the case that she feared that the snake came to her bedroom and gave birth to children. When the woman did not understand anything at first when she saw the snake, she ran out. However, they later removed the snakes from the bedroom and released them to a natural place. Then, giving full news of the matter, the woman jokingly said, "I'm having problems walking around the house, there's nothing to sit on! I may need a cardiologist after that!"

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