The world's most expensive shoe to be launched today

Sep 26 2018 11:37 AM
The world's most expensive shoe to be launched today

Many times you may be surprised at seeing the celebrities' expensive footwear, but we are telling you about a pair of shoes that will cost more than your imagination today. At the expense of the shoes we are talking about, the common people will spend its entire life comfortably with this amount . Yes .... Today we are talking about the shoes that are being called the world's most expensive shoes. This pair of shoes will be launched today means in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Wednesday. When you hear the value of this footwear, your jaws make will open.

So you sit down with hold your heart because we are going to tell you the price of this expensive shoe. The price of this beautiful golden color ladies footwear is 1.7 million dollars, which is equal to worth of 1.23 billion rupees if seen in Indian currency. Now the question in your mind that that what is so special in these sandles that it carries so high price? So here is the answer, Actually diamonds and gold have been used in this beautiful golden pair of shoes.

The craftsmen have been taken 9 months to make this then they have been able to produce such beautiful footwear. The company 'Passion Diamond Shu' is fashioned this sandles. This expensive shoe is made by the UAE company, Jeddah, with the  associating of Passion Jewelers. This expensive and specialty pair of shoes will be launched in Burj Khalifa, Dubai's 7 Star Hotel.

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