The world's first Text Message was sent 25 years ago

Todays Smartphone Generation has a lot of apps like Whatsapp Chating, Facebook Messenger, Hike, which keep us entangled for hours. Every second we get notifications, we've probably forgotten the text messages.

There was a time when the Holi, Diwali and Birthday wishes were sent together in 140 Character boundaries. But today the eyes of the text message inbox only stops by when the message of an OTP or online deliveries arrives. 

In fact, today we are referring to these text messages because the text messaging service has completed its 25 years journey. Neil Papworth, the first to send a text message to his colleague in 1992, worked at the software engineer's office in Vodafone. In this first text message of the world, Neil sent his colleague 'Merry Christmas' to him.

The Short Message Service (SMS)
Text message service, which was used every year, quickly changed into a short message service (SMS), after which the service became the main medium of interaction among the people. The fast-moving message among the people influenced the real form of language and Grammar. Due to the word limit in the message, people have discovered a new way to say things better in fewer words, which later became known as the short message service (SMS). 

Message changed conversation language
During normal conversation, text messages became 'your' word 'ur' and 'you' became word 'u'. With such small changes, the message service changed the language. Today these small shorter words have reduced the shape of emoji which express a better sense of users than words.


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