The world's most expensive car: Leblanc Mirabeau

Jun 10 2018 09:32 AM
The world's most expensive car: Leblanc Mirabeau

Cars are passion, cars are not just a status symbol, cars are love for those who seek pace.

But this one is much more than what you call passion. It is style, class, passion and pace, everything blended and poured into this one epic thing. We present to you, the world’s most expensive car, the  “Leblanc Mirabeau” that might leave your eyes wide open.

Mirabeau is amongst the latest and the most recent launch from the Wysstec GmbH and Leblanc cars.

This amazing car runs at a speed of 230 mph and can touch a maximum of 370 km/h.

And this amazing thing costs nothing less than $755,000. The Leblanc Mirabeau basically is an open street car. It has a lightweight body and some impressive features like leather interior and a sequential gearbox.

 And what may sound pretty unbelievable is that this amazing, high-speed car is street legal and therefore is used in legalised races. The Leblanc Mirabeau comes with a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, and has been designed to reach the specifications of the FIA/Le Mans standards. The engine outputs are impressive enough, approximately 700 horsepower from a 4700 cc supercharged engine.

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